Blog Entry: Affiliate for Stacksocial and Avangate Product Sales

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At the Tech Now’s group of sites – The Daily Mac View, New Mac View and Tech Today Review – we are not just bringing you information via articles but we have affiliated ourselves with Stacksocial (fantastic software etc at great discounts) and Avangate (software solutions) to provide a wider range of offerings but at a discount.


Stacksocial provides excellent individual or bundle solutions at tremendous discounts. Every day, they present us and then we you, the daily products for sale. You will find that not only will past products have a good run time but every day something new will appear which maybe exactly what you’re looking for.

Due to the method of delivery, we suggest checking the Software Sales section daily or every other day to see what has gone up for sale. I think you will be pretty surprised by the depth of offerings but further the discounts are tremendous (generally anywhere from 50% off to 95% off and sometimes for lifetime solutions). These sales really are not to be missed.


Avangate provides a broad range of solutions spanning a wide variety of function. All Avangate solutions have been discounted by the Tech Now (Daily Mac View etc) to provide you with a different range of solutions.

Current Offerings Oriented to Building your Video Library

Currently, you can find the Avangate solutions under “Exclusive Software” on the New Mac View and Daily Mac View sites. What you will find is a different range of video converting software for handling your videos, a backup solution Retrospect for protecting your library of videos and a cataloguing solution from DEVONthink called DEVONthink Pro Office. DEVONthink can of course do any number of things providing a powerful knowledge management system (paperless office, cataloguing, note taking, AI helped database etc).

With the above comprehensive set of tools you can:

  • Capture video
  • manipulate video for different playback solutions
  • build your own extensive video library
  • remove DRM from iTunes movies
  • protect your collection with one of the most powerful Mac backup systems called Retrospect
  • Catalogue your library and so much more with DEVON think Pro Office

Value Add

Tech Now’s group of sites is primarily driven to provide you with information on the Apple environment and any tech at the personal level be it Android, Blackberry, Windows etc. The information may be an in depth article or a news release or a commentary on what’s taking place in the industry.

However, 0ur idea was to provide more in the way of value added functions such as the ability to shop for great software at good prices or discuss with each other in an open forum your thoughts on a topic. We are also open to other people’s work if you would like us to consider it for publication.

We also love feedback, positive and negative to bring you more of what you want.

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